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7 Best Places to Visit in Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok thailand, stuck to me like a second layer as I tried finding my way in the complex, winding paths of Chatuchak Weekend Market. Every corner led to fresh and delightful sights – piles of lively silk scarves, stands full with painted ceramics, delicious smell from barbequed meats coming out from secret food vendors. Feeling both lost and excited, a gentle pull on my sleeve was felt. It was my friend and travel partner, Ben. I could see in his eyes the excitement of going on this exploration together.

We went on a journey of bargaining. With some simple Thai words and much fun, we haggled for keepsakes – one nicely carved wooden elephant for my mother and another funny neon t-shirt for Ben. As we bargained, we enjoyed sticky rice along with mango and drank cool coconut water which gave us energy to explore more.

Time slipped by swiftly as we explored the market, finding something fascinating in every nook and cranny. We came across a musician who was playing soulful tunes on his bamboo flute; the sound blended into the noisy environment of this place wonderfully. There also appeared a skilled craftsman who was carefully etching complex designs into wood – his work fascinated us all very much.

As we came out of the market, afternoon sun started to go down. We felt tired but excited and went to a street food place. There, we ate pad thai and talked about what we had found in Chatuchak. This market was not only a shopping area – it was full of life and energy from Bangkok’s heart. We had a common encounter which fostered our friendship and gave us memories, along with a few mementos, that we will keep forever.

Top Must Visit places in Bangkok

Grand Palace

Grandpalace, Bangkok

The Grand Palace located in Bangkok  Thailand is quite similar to entering a massive and shining jewel container. Picture buildings that are colored like pearls, having roofs covered in gold which sparkle under sunlight. Mosaics shine bright and carvings with great detail decorate the walls, narrating tales of legendary beings and previous kings.

Stepping on the palace’s garden makes me feel as if I am travelling back into history. The gardens are very beautiful, with many flowers of different colors and quiet courtyards that provide a calm retreat from city noise. You could even see a cat relaxing in the sun! It might be a stray one or just taking rest from its wanderings.

In the structures, there is an increase in luxury. Throne halls have gold statues and sparkling gems. Paintings show moments from Thai history and mythology, with fierce fighters and elegant dancers coming to life off the walls.

But the Grand Palace, Bangkok is not only a museum. It continues to be an active part of Thai royal family life. Some parts are not accessible to public, yet visitors can still see the amazing design and deep past that make this palace a required visit in Bangkok.

You also should dress in a respectful manner, making sure your shoulders and knees are covered. If you plan a bit before, going to the Grand Palace will be an experience full of wonder and amazement.bangkok thailand

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Wat Phra Kaew

Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok

Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok which is also called the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, stands inside the Grand Palace’s area at Bangkok in Thailand. It represents itself as the holiest Buddhist temple in this nation. This is the one of the best places to visit in Bangkok

Think of a location where there is complex designing, sparkling mosaics and tall structures made of gold. Wat Phra Kaew fits this description. It started to be built in 1783 during King Rama I’s rule, and from that time until now it has been used for significant Buddhist rites by the Thai royal family.

The main part of the temple group is the Emerald Buddha. This is a highly respected statue made from one piece of jade. The king, he change clothes on the Emerald Buddha every three months in ritual, and this garment match with season.

Even though Wat Phra Kaew is not a monastery for monks, it holds important spiritual value to Thais and is an essential visit for tourists. The elaborate details, vibrant murals and calm ambiance here will surely astonish you. Just keep in mind to wear modestly – cover your shoulders and knees – as a symbol of showing respect towards this holy place.


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Wat Arun

Wat Arun, Bangkok

When you jump from a lively longtail boat, the sun in morning time falls with soft light on Chao Phraya River. The swaying feeling of water disappears when you walk towards busy pier, where there is a strong smell of jasmine incense and sounds coming from sellers selling their goods.

Moving with the crowd, you come near to Wat Arun. The temple’s size and beauty shock your senses. The main central prang, covered in porcelain sections that sparkle in shades of reds, oranges and greens, appears to go up into the heavens. Stairs that go up snake around the bottom, but today you choose to look at the complex details from level zero.

Moving through the temple complex, you are amazed by the artistic details. At entrances, there are mythical creatures such as nagas (serpents) and garudas (bird-like deities) who stand guard with their scales and feathers carefully sculpted. The outer walls of this place have murals showing scenes from Ramayana which is a famous Hindu tale.

You step into a calm courtyard where the smell of frangipani flowers is strong. Monks dressed in saffron robes move quietly and softly sing, setting a peaceful mood. You sit down to observe and enjoy the stillness around you.

Now, with new energy in your body, you start to check out the sellers along the temple’s area. Things such as silk scarves and complex carvings made from wood are alluring. They make you want them because they represent little Thai art pieces for everyone who visits this place. You can bargain a bit with one of these happy sellers and take home an exclusive memory from your visit here

You can climb up a little observation deck by the river, and there you will get an amazing view. The Chao Phraya River is like a winding snake going through the city. You see many longtail boats and big ferries on it. Far away, the Grand Palace shines with its golden tops that are sparkling from sunlight.

While you are departing from Wat Arun, the tranquility remains. It was not only about the beautiful design, but also lively culture and religious atmosphere that made it memorable for you. You have a feeling this memory will stay with you even when back at your place.

Jim Thompson House Museum

Jim Thompson House Museum​

In the middle of Bangkok’s noisy roads, there is a place full with history and Thai goodness – it’s known as Jim Thompson House Museum. Constructed back in 1959 by an American businessperson named Jim Thompson who brought life to Thailand’s silk business.

The house itself is a mix of old style and new ideas. Picture many usual Thai teakwood houses, carefully moved from different places then put together again here. These parts were once apart but they are now a calm and connected area.

But more than just the structure itself, come in and find Thompson’s collection of Southeast Asian art. Each room is filled with beautiful antiques, ceramics, and paintings that show a glimpse into Thai culture and history. Each piece whispers a story, inviting you to delve deeper.

The museum is not only filled with artifacts, but also serves as a calm oasis. Green gardens and peaceful lotus ponds can provide an escape from the lively energy of the city. Take time to breathe in fresh air and enjoy peace here.

Furthermore, in the year 1967 Jim Thompson’s own disappearance makes this tale even more mysterious since it remains an unresolved case until now.

Whether you love history, appreciate art or just want to find some quiet time away from the city – Jim Thompson House Museum is perfect for all types of people. It’s like taking a 300-year-old trip into Thai culture that lives in an amazing old house.

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Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market​

Prepare yourself for an overload of your senses! Chatuchak Weekend Market, located in Bangkok, is a maze-like heaven for those who love to shop and explore. Picture more than 15,000 stalls squeezed into an expansive area; every one of them filled with hidden gems.

The atmosphere is filled with sounds of bargaining, greetings in Thai language and sizzling street food. While you find your way through the complex lanes, your eyes are overwhelmed by visual displays of clothes, handicrafts and souvenirs. Silky scarves shine under sun rays while detailed wood carvings catch light; smell of aromatic spices fills up nose.

Chatuchak in Bangkok isn’t only for small things. You can get everything here, from old designer pieces to fish that are alive (perhaps not the finest souvenir!). Do you require a phone cover with a cartoon character? Check. Want a hand-painted elephant statue for your living room? They’ve got you covered. Chatuchak is a place where bargaining is expected, so get ready to show your haggling abilities!

Yet, the market does not only contain shops. Get yourself a plate of hot pad thai or a cool mango sticky rice from one of the vendors on street and recharge for your journey. Observing people is also an activity here, with both residents and visitors mixing in this lively mix.

Do not feel overwhelmed by its vastness; this market is divided into sections for your convenience. So, put on some comfortable shoes and get ready to explore because Chatuchak Weekend Market will give you an unforgettable experience.

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Yaowarat - Chinatown

Yaowarat - Chinatown​

Yaowarat, which is commonly called Chinatownin Bangkok, will take you straight into the energetic Chinese community in Bangkok. Picture a lively area filled with red lanterns shining bright, numerous shops spilling over their contents and smells that make your mouth water from Chinese specialities. At Yaowarat, it’s like your senses are having a party; it’s an old tapestry of 200 years full of history, culture and yummy food.

You walk on the tight streets that have shop signs in Thai and Chinese characters, and the feeling of excitement is infectious. Shops are filled with all things possible – silk fabrics, sparkling golden jewelry items, typical Chinese medicines or ingredients not found at your nearby supermarket. The smell in air is heavy with spices, herbs as well as sizzling stir-fries from street vendors.

But Yaowarat in Bangkok is more than a market. The impressive temples of Wat Mangkon Kamalawat and Wat Traimit, with its golden Buddha statue, are expressions of this area’s cultural history. Take a break in a nearby tea shop to recharge yourself and absorb the surroundings.

In the evening, Yaowarat changes into a beautiful sight. Streets are lit with red lanterns that give off a gentle glow to the lively scene below. The street food sellers wake up and provide an amazing variety of Chinese dishes – hot dumplings, tasty noodles or meats cooked on barbecue which will tempt your liking.

Yaowarat in Bangkok is like a place to get lost (in good way). Do not worry about going on side streets, looking into secret alleyways or starting chat with shopkeepers who are kind. It will give you an experience of Bangkok that can only be found here in Yaowarat, with its tasty food, deep-rooted past and lively spirit.


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Chao Phraya River

Chao Phraya River​

The mild buzz of the longtail boat engine makes you feel calm and peaceful, starting your trip along Chao Phraya River in Bangkok– this is like the main vein of Bangkok. The bright sunlight spreads over everything, giving a cozy feeling to the scene and making it sparkle on moving water. While floating ahead, big shapes of Bangkok’s special places stand up high in front for all to see.

On the western bank, Wat Arun – known as Temple of Dawn – is a standout. Its central prang, which is a high spire decorated with ceramic shards in bright colors, it appears to be piercing into the sky. Upstream more, you can see the Grand Palace Bangkok shining from afar with its golden spires and complex design that suggests royal splendor inside.

Life goes on by the riverside. People from nearby places ride in their bright longtail boats, back and forth carrying passengers or items with them. The calmness of their movements adds to the peaceful rhythm of the trip. You can see beautiful barges covered in flowers that move smoothly across the water, filled with tourists enjoying a luxurious river journey. Monks, wearing saffron robes, slowly steer their smaller boats; they bring a peaceful element to this setting.

The banks of the river are filled with activity. Small wooden houses, built on stilts, stand along the waterline. The bright colors of these homes show Bangkok’s special architectural history (Henderson et al., 2021). On busy streets, markets overflow with food and items made by locals – a true taste of everyday Thailand life (Kohli & Chawla, 2018). In the background, new buildings reach high into the sky and stand as symbols of progress. They complement but also contrast with this river’s enduring charm.

When the sun starts to go down, it makes the sky turn orange and pink, and this gives city a kind of magic. The water that shines reflects lights from city which is very beautiful. There is a soft wind that brings sounds like bells in temples or happy talking from people who sell things on streets – all these sounds combine together to make Bangkok’s heartbeat symphony.

A boat trip on the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok is not only about seeing things. It’s an opportunity to experience Bangkok deeply. You can see its history, culture and how traditional ways exist peacefully with modern ones. Such a memory will remain even when the sun’s last light disappears from view.

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Picture credit: Wikipedia 

By กสิณธร ราชโอรส , Ninara from Helsinki, Finland, Supanut Arunoprayote, Ninara from Helsinki, Finland, Azreey – Own work, D Ramey Logan


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